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It’s personal, holistic, and evidence based. It’s medicine outside of the box. This is Primary Care Family Medicine with the addition of the new sciences and ancient traditions of Integrative and Functional Medicine. Every aspect of your life is part of your whole health, including mind, body, family, spirit, and community. This is prevention and treatment at it’s most comprehensive, with a focus on root causes. Learn more »

Office Happenings

Do you know your vascular age?

This Tuesday we have an ultrasonographer coming to the office to take a peak at your carotid arteries to see just how old your arteries are.  If you’re beginning to build up plaque, that’s a sign of “hardening of the arteries,” better known as atherosclerosis and the precursor to most heart attacks and strokes.  Using […]

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Sleep. Your life depends on it.

I’ve noticed a trend in many of my patients:  There is a desire to eke out every bit of the day, and that means staying up late.  Just one more episode of the latest binge.  A little more quiet time without the kids.  A bit more … Learn More »

Office closure 9/24-10/5/15

I'm off to the high desert of New Mexico for a little R&R. Part of my journey will be an age old healing tradition of "taking the waters." There are plenty of rich mineral hot springs around Santa Fe and Taos, that have soothed the weary and achy … Learn More »

Detox Advanced Practice Module

I'm off once again to an Institute of Functional Medicine conference, this time on detox, "Understanding Biotransformation and Recognizing Toxicity: Evaluation and Treatment in the Functional Medicine Model." Certainly "detox" is quite a buzz word … Learn More »

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