Functional Medicine virtually by secure video for all Californians

The novel Corona Virus causing Covid-19 is washing over all of us, disrupting every aspect of our lives, including how we get healthcare guidance. Small practices like Deena Neff, MD are converting to video or virtual visits with great success. With secure technology, your already scheduled appointment will be converted to a video visit and new appointments will be by video.

  • Video visits from the safety of your home for existing and new patients. 
  • Optimize health with personalized expert recommendations. 
  • Special discounts for video visits. 
  • New membership rates making it easier to connect and share information.

With new rule changes, I am now able to see any California resident via video as a new patient and for on-going care.  Medicare has recognized the importance of staying away from places where one could potentially catch the corona virus so has relaxed their rules around telehealth during this crisis. Medicare now supports doctor visits without restrictions via video (previously you had to live in a rural area to make use of this technology).  Many insurance companies have followed suit, if they hadn’t already embraced this convenient and efficient way of seeing the doctor.

Stay tuned for more information about the novel Corona virus and how to stay safe and optimize your health.


What Can You Do About Your Stress?

This little video by Dr. Mike Evans packs a big punch. Stress is one of our modern scourges, and as it turns out, there are a few simple things that we can do to leave it mostly behind us. Small changes can indeed make a giant difference in our lives. Did you know that up to 70% of visits to the doctor are stress related? It increases our risks of heart attacks, depression and anxiety, and a poorer quality of life. The pharmaceutical companies do not have a cure. The commonly used SSRI class of antidepressants, for example, is no better than placebo in multiple studies for mild to moderate depression.

But what can help? As it turns out, changing our thinking is the key to managing our stress. The good news is that this can be learned. We can have a big impact on our lives by changing our thinking style by:

  • Cultivating positive thought patterns, or reframing the habitually negative ones
  • Choosing where to put our attention
  • Maintaining a focus on the big picture of our lives
  • Being in the present moment!

Virtually all diseases have better outcomes if we manage our stress well. Check out this video by Dr. Mike Evans for some inspirational and scientific details: