About Deena Neff, MD

You hold the keys to shaping your health. With your active participation in your journey to health and our expert guidance, you can create longterm health.

We believe…

In the power of small changes to create large effects

In the power of love and community to sustain us

In food as medicine

In living a fully embodied life

In the healing power of nature

In the healing power of relationships

That you are the best expert of your own life

Our Core Values

Integrative Approach

Core Principle:

Effective interventions that are natural and less invasive.


Dedicated Attention

Core Principle:

If you listen to your patients long enough, they’ll tell you what’s wrong.

Personalized Care

Core Principle:

Good medicine is not one size fits all.

Rooted in our focus on participatory patient care, it’s our mission to empower you with the knowledge and wisdom to create health. 

We want you to have the tools to continually improve your health, no matter where you start from.

Guided by our care team, you will embark on an integrative approach to your wellness, drawing from the best of conventional medicine, cutting edge functional medicine, insights from wisdom traditions, and lifestyle modifications that will significantly improve your symptoms and your health.

During your first consultation, you will meet with Deena Neff, MD, for an extended visit where you will get to know each other and start to chart the course for your health journey.

Central to Dr. Neff’s philosophy is patient-centered care. By listening to your story, Dr. Neff brings you into the discovery process and tailors treatments that address your unique needs.

We are a high tech practice and have multiple ways to stay in touch (including an old fashioned phone) and we always want to know how you’re doing.

No two patients are exactly the same, and yet there are patterns that recur and health practices that benefit most of us.

We view you as a complete system and not a series of disjointed parts, often allowing us to help you regain balance and function of multiple systems.

Our team will get to the root cause of your dis-ease – by listening deeply to you, reviewing your history, doing a complete physical exam, and using cutting edge biomarkers, including tests from standard reference labs and interpret them in ways that your conventional practitioner may not.

Innovative Treatments

Core Principle:   

Good medicine is based in good science. It is inquiry-driven and open to new paradigms, neither accepting nor rejecting any approach uncritically. 

Did you know that it takes on average 17 years for clinical breakthroughs to make their way into the standard of care? At Deena Neff, MD, our entire team is deeply committed to shortening that lag in a safe and thoughtful way.  

All our staff are life-long learners, continuously upgrading their wisdom through sharing best practices and seeking out innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to help our patients achieve their health goals. 


Root Cause Resolution


Core Principle: 

We are dedicated to prevention, stopping dis-ease before it stops you.

Unlike most conventional doctors, our care team always focuses on root cause resolution – isolating the key factors that are responsible for the symptoms you’re experiencing right now.

Also known as Functional and Integrative Medicine, we seek to give you solutions, not more bandaids to just treat the symptoms (or treating side effects of drugs with even more drugs). While symptom relief is important, for long term wellness, getting to the bottom of why you don’t feel well has much more lasting effects.  


Co-Creating Health


Core Principle:  

Patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process. 

Your desired health outcome is much easier to achieve using the power of an expert guide, creating a therapeutic partnership. 

We bring together all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease, including mind, spirit, and community, as well as the body.  This is all in service of facilitating your body’s innate healing response. 

With community, more is possible than going it alone. We use group structures for education, peer-to-peer support, and accountability – with both your care team and your fellow patients rooting for your success.  

The Philosophy That Drives Us

The philosophy that motivates everyone on our care team at Deena Neff, MD is simple:

Provide the best, data driven, safest, most cost-effective care possible.

Dr. Neff founded Deena Neff, MD on a belief in participatory care, where the patient is an instrumental partner in returning their body back to health (or keeping it healthy). And that it’s not about pre-determined ideas about a diagnosis, without a full understanding of a patient’s life, lifestyle, history, community, and state of mind.

That’s why the care team at Deena Neff, MD will leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting to the root cause of your problems. For example, we believe in the ancient concept that all chronic disease starts in the gut, and without taking the gut into account, no metabolic, autoimmune, cardiovascular, or inflammatory process can be addressed effectively.

We will integrate findings from the most recent research along with decades of knowledge that our team has accumulated. As it is stated in our Core Values of Care, you will always be first in line for innovative, functional, personalized, integrative treatment methods that combine the best of cutting edge and ancient forms medicine.

About Deena Neff, MD

With nearly 30 years of experience as a doctor, Dr. Deena, a Board Certified Family Physician, an Integrative and Functional Medicine specialist, founded Deena Neff, MD, 8 years ago. Drawing on the various treatment approaches she has utilized throughout her career, Dr. Neff focuses her practice on providing the most innovative treatment tailored to you, from simple changes that you can do right away, to more deep and complex clinical evaluations and recommendations.

Over the years, she has empowered thousands of patients to take charge of their health and resolve many chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, menopausal struggles, thyroid issues, fatigue, vascular and cardiac problems, gut disorders, and many autoimmune-related symptoms.

About Deena Neff, MD

Dr. Neff completed her undergraduate studies at Smith College, earning a B.S. in Government with honors. She then studied medicine at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia.

She completed residency in Family and Community Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, winning the Julius R. Krevans Award for Clinical Excellence. She gained further inspiration from her 4 years of working with the Navajo in Northern Arizona. She has been in medical leadership in multiple situations including at a small clinic with the Indian Health Service and more locally, at Berkeley Primary Care, a safety net clinic for the underserved in Berkeley.

Dr. Neff has been a hospitalist at Berkeley’s community hospital, Alta Bates, for more than a decade, giving her a depth of clinical skill and insights rarely found today.

She is honored to be providing the very best of care possible at Deena Neff, MD. Learn more about Dr. Neff here.

“When I came here, I didn’t think I was going to make it. I feel so much better now!”

I’m clearer. I no longer have burning muscle pain all day long; in fact, I don’t have much pain at all any more. I no longer need to nap every day. I’m sleeping through the night. I’ve dropped several inches from my waist line and I’ve had to get new clothes. My psoriasis has almost cleared all up completely.

“This is exactly what I was looking for.”

I really appreciate the way that Dr. Deena works and the ease that she brings. This is exactly what I was looking for having worked with a number of practitioners. I feel so comfortable with her. I am well on the road to recovering my energy lost from the trauma of breast cancer surgery and treatment.

“Dr. Neff is the doctor that doesn’t give up on you.”

When I brought my daughter by the office to pick up a supplement, she asked me which doctor this was. I told her that this was Dr. Neff, and she said, “Oh that’s the doctor that doesn’t give up on you.” Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve regained energy and my disabling gut symptoms are gone most days.