Quick Links For Our Patients

Check below for helpful links.  Please let us know if there’s something else that you need.

Current Patients:
Schedule Your Next Appointment

Talk to us.

 One for the many benefits of being a member of Deena Neff, MD, is the multiple ways to get in touch with us, including the phone:  510.486.1400.  Many of our patients find it much more convenient to use one of our advanced ways of communicating given our busy schedules (it is simpler and quicker for us, too!).

Both Elation Passport and Spruce are secure and part of your chart.

 Sign into the secure patient portal, Elation Passport.  (Your email that you need to sign in is the one that you gave us.)

Do you have the Spruce App yet?  You can securely text us through this app.  This is great for simple admin questions or requests that are of a more timely matter.

Do you have an urgent need?

We make time in our schedule to accommodate same day, next available, and urgent appointments when the need arrises.

If you need an urgent visit – whether this is in person, on the phone, or via video chat, CALL us or TEXT through SPRUCE and we’ll make every effort to fit you in.  (Do not email us or use Elation Passport for urgent issues.)


Need Supplements?

If you have ordered supplements from FullScript in the past, or if you have a recommendation from us waiting for you, you can log in here.

You may also refill a supplement recommendation that you have ordered in the past.

If you need a refill from Xymogen (not carried in FullScript), go to their website, create an account and use Dr. Neff as your provider.  The referral code is BE WELL.

If we sent you a recommendation already, go to that email and follow the instructions for that recommended product.

Xymogen has the wonderful option of putting all of your supplements in packets, called MedPak, so that you don’t have to open multiple bottles a day.  This is great for staying organized, making sure that you take your supplements, and for travel.  Please ask us how we can order this for you.

Designs for Health has an excellent group of supplements that fulfill many particular needs for my patients.  They have a portal that is very useful for ordering, especially if you need multiple items from them.

Testimonials From Patients

“When I came here I didn’t think I was going to make it. I feel so much better now!”

“When I came here 7 months ago, I didn’t think that I was going to make it. I feel so much better! I’m clearer. I no longer have burning muscle pain all day long; in fact, I don’t have much pain at all any more. I no longer need to nap every day. I’m sleeping through the night. I’ve dropped several inches from my waist line and I’ve had to get new clothes. My psoriasis has almost cleared all up completely.”

“Dr. Neff is the doctor that doesn’t give up on you.”

“When I brought my daughter by the office to pick up a supplement, she asked me which doctor this was. I told her that this was Dr. Neff, and she said, “Oh that’s the doctor that doesn’t give up on you.” Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve regained energy and my disabling gut symptoms are gone most days.”