The New Medicine: Functional & Integrative Medicine

At Deena Neff, MD, we bring the best of systems thinking together with the best of all possible therapies.  

We tap into the innate healing drive of your body.  

We help you make small and large changes that shift you towards lasting health.

The New Medicine:
Functional & Integrative Medicine

The new medicine is personal, holistic, and evidence based.

You could think of it as medicine “outside the box”. 

Dr. Deena’s approach is to integrate Primary Care Family Medicine with the latest scientific understandings of the human body with the ancient healing traditions that have deep wisdom of human nature.  This is of Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Every aspect of your life is part of your whole health, including mind, body, family, spirit, and community. This is prevention and treatment at it’s most comprehensive, with a focus on root causes.

Medicine is the only biologic science that has not embraced a systems approach to how the body works. You are a system of intricately connected processes. With the alteration of one part, you effect the whole.

At Deena Neff, MD, we begin with an exploration of your situation from many different angles, uncovering health mediators in your home, at work, with your state of mind, to arrive at a “lifestyle prescription” that puts you back on the road to health.

While you are optimizing your lifestyle, we dive more deeply into other parts of your system that may need support.

Integrative Medicine is the art and science of medicine, bringing all therapies to the table, evaluating them critically for their benefits and their potential harms. It aims to support you, your body, mind and spirit, ignitin the powerful healing mechanisms within.

This approach is holistic and very personal.

The Integrative Medicine approach honors the wisdom that you already have about your life. It is about promoting health and prevention, which is fundamental to living and aging well.

Finding which of the body’s systems is disrupted is how we find the root cause of your issue. Sometimes the fix is easy, often it takes some work, but most of the time, this disruption can be slowed or reversed.

We utilize the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques, prescribe combinations of drugs and/or botanical medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, or stress-management techniques.  Sometimes we use pharmaceuticals, but most often we are able to safely get people off of medications.

Utilizing the functional medicine approach can allow patients who have been searching for solutions to their problems for years to finally have hope.

Instead of relying on being prescribed medications again and again for temporary relief, Dr. Neff and her team at Deena Neff, MD diagnose problems holistically to find permanent solutions.

Since the founding of her practice, she and her team have helped patients heal from life-altering conditions such as fatigue, pre-diabetes and diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases, arthritis, migraines, and much more.

Whether Deena Neff, MD is the first clinic you are visiting for treatment, or simply the latest one, we’ll make sure we do everything in our power to find an effective treatment and make sure it’s also the last clinic you’ll need to visit.